Thursday, May 21, 2009


Well today is my birthday. My family has always celebrated birthdays somewhat largely, I mean we open presents in the morning (before school or work) and then have cake and the birthday persons meal of choice. This year is not only my first birthday as a married woman, but my first birthday to ever spend with Daniel, insane huh? This is the 5th birthday I have had since we have been dating, but my birthday is at a very unfortunate time for farmers...right in the middle of planting. Daniel is not as in to birthdays, he always says "its just another day" when I bug him about not liking his birthday. Party Pooper.

Anyway, I have the sweetest husband ever. He woke me up with pancakes (my favorite breakfast food ever) and while we ate breakfast I opened my present, which was a new PISTOL!! I was so pumped! We have both been wanting to get one for quite a while but we had decided we would probably buy them at the end of the summer. Surprise! Daniel bought us our pistols early and surprised me!! He also baked me a cake, yellow with chocolate icing, which is my fav kind. Tonight he is fixing me my all time favorite meal ever: steak, cheesy potatoe casserole, and rolls. I am such a happy camper.

D has gone above and beyond to make my birthday special for me because not only is it our first together, but he knows that birthdays have always been big in my family, plus he knows how much I miss my family ALL THE TIME. He is such a sweetheart, although when I was loading the dishwasher this morning he said "dont do that, today is your birthday! wait a couple years and this will wear off and then you can do it...", sweet huh? Haha!

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