Monday, May 25, 2009

Attitude Adjustment...

Well it is safe to say that this 3 day weekend spoiled me. Friday when I got off work, Daniel picked me up and we headed straight to LR for my little sisters graduation. We were supposed to come back Friday night but it ended up raining so we were able to stay at my parents which was wonderful because my mimi and uncle david and the bradley crew were all coming over after graduation and I was so sad that I was going to have to leave. We had a blast! Saturday morning I have to say I was a little selfish...we left my parents around 10:30 to head back so D could get to work. I was so disappointed because it was Memorial Day weekend and I had Monday off so I just wanted to get to do somehting fun and enjoy the long weekend, but being married to a farmer means that in the summertime, if there is no rain, our plans involve staying at home because D will be working around the clock. Although I have been dating Daniel for 4 years and knew exactly what I was signing up for when I became a farmers wife, it is still really hard for me to get used to not getting to up and go to the lake every weekend or even spend the weekend in LR with the fam. I can do those things without him of course but I like when he is around :) Saturday as we were driving back, in the rain might I add, we realized that D would not be working the rest of the day so we could have just stayed in LR. I was frustrated and sad and found myself being kind of immature about it. It is not Daniels fault at all, and it is something I have to learn to deal with. I decided I needed an attitude adjustment. We got home and both took a nap, then woke up and decided to go ride around and shoot out pistols. We went to My sister in laws saturday night for steaks and played with the kiddos. It turned out to be a GREAT saturday night. Sunday we went to church and sunday afternoon was a repeat of Saturday afternoon. Sitting here today thinking about going to work tomorrow, all I can think about is how wonderful and relaxing my weekend with my husband was and that I don't want it to end...I'd say the attitude adjustment did wonders for this weekend :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Well today is my birthday. My family has always celebrated birthdays somewhat largely, I mean we open presents in the morning (before school or work) and then have cake and the birthday persons meal of choice. This year is not only my first birthday as a married woman, but my first birthday to ever spend with Daniel, insane huh? This is the 5th birthday I have had since we have been dating, but my birthday is at a very unfortunate time for farmers...right in the middle of planting. Daniel is not as in to birthdays, he always says "its just another day" when I bug him about not liking his birthday. Party Pooper.

Anyway, I have the sweetest husband ever. He woke me up with pancakes (my favorite breakfast food ever) and while we ate breakfast I opened my present, which was a new PISTOL!! I was so pumped! We have both been wanting to get one for quite a while but we had decided we would probably buy them at the end of the summer. Surprise! Daniel bought us our pistols early and surprised me!! He also baked me a cake, yellow with chocolate icing, which is my fav kind. Tonight he is fixing me my all time favorite meal ever: steak, cheesy potatoe casserole, and rolls. I am such a happy camper.

D has gone above and beyond to make my birthday special for me because not only is it our first together, but he knows that birthdays have always been big in my family, plus he knows how much I miss my family ALL THE TIME. He is such a sweetheart, although when I was loading the dishwasher this morning he said "dont do that, today is your birthday! wait a couple years and this will wear off and then you can do it...", sweet huh? Haha!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Today is supposed to be my first day training at the Stuttgart clinic. After a few weeks I will start at my clinic in Dewitt. If anyone knows me very well they know that I am ridiculously afraid of storms. It starts thundering and lightening and I tense up big time, even shake sometimes. I can't sleep in storms. Naturally, the night before my first day at work it stormed like crazy. I didn't sleep well AT ALL. I woke up early, got ready, and headed to Stuttgart which is about 50 minutes away. As I was driving throught Stuttgart, I noticed that it looked like another tornado had swept through town...there were trees down and uprooted everywhere, powerlines down, traffic lights out, and everywhere. Needless to say I arrived just in time to be told to turn around and go home because the clinic had no power...of course. Oh well, it turned out ok because I had lots of laundry to do but I was still a little disappointed because I hate "first days" and I was just really ready to get mine over with!

So my little sister is graduating high school this month. Her last day of school is Friday, its insane. I can't believe she is already to this point. I remember doing all this not so long ago, and I remember feeling so old. Now that I am looking at her, I feel like she is way too young to go to college. I get so nervous about all the things that could happen to her! I've been there, I know how the parties and boys and fraternity houses can be and I don't think I want her to experience it yet! Haha!

On a lighter note, the sun is out for who knows how long and I am going to try to enjoy it for the few minutes it decides to shine...