Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hotel Smith

Well I feel like I have been running an Inn or actually more like a B&B the past couple weeks. Brittany is doing a 3 week internship at a pharmacy in Dewitt so she is staying with us during this time. It is so fun to have britt around, not that Daniel is boring, but he leaves the house at 5:30 or 6 every morning and doesnt get home till 8:30 or later because this is their busy having someone to talk to besides my precious pup max is wonderful! last weekend my mama, dad, aunt rhonda, kelsey, and emma grace all came and spent the weekend at our house! It was so much fun! Daniel took Kelsey out and taught her to drive the tractor, and she loved it! The weekend was so great and I was super sad when everyone had to leave but I knew I had more guests coming...The fam left Sunday morning and then Monday my sister and Holly came down to spend the night with me and Britt! Another fabulous night, we had margaritas and fajitas! YUM! With all of these guests in and out I have been cooking lots and lots and cleaning lots and lots, hence me feeling as though I am running a B&B! I love it though, and I am for sure sad that this week is Britts last.

Well I am really liking my new job but I am not happy about this whole "working" thing in general. It is definately cramping my usual summer style. Shockingly I have not even been to the lake yet...partly due to working and partly due to being married to a farmer. This has just been such a different summer for me because usually I have been to the lake 4-5 times already at this point and it is KILLING me! Speaking of work, its about that time so I guess I'll head that way...

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